Wax Signet was in the midst of an identity crisis with their parent company and needed to strategically separate. We helped cultivate a new brand and built an e-commerce presence around it along with a custom ordering process.


  • The client's brand had no identity and was being run under their parent company as a thriving side business.
  • The ordering process was predominantly manual and needed to be automated.
  • The client had no marketing or visual assets to leverage during the branding and design phase of the project.
  • The product was new to market and difficult to understand without explanation.


  • We were able to separate Wax Signet from the parent company as its own entity and build a brand and store around it.
  • We took a 360 degree look at the client's ordering process and fulfillment and translated that into the site design and back office.
  • We took a full photoshoot of the client's products and operation and utilized those in all aspects of the site design and marketing collateral.
  • To help users understand the product and company, we storyboarded and shot an explainer video and created a page dedicated to educating the user on the company.

Custom Shopify Theme

Product Photography

Logo Design

Explainer Video

Product Photography

Learn more about SKU Agency.


Learn more about SKU Agency.