Survivalchimp was a startup that needed help in all things e-commerce. It all started with an idea and passion that SKU was able to help turn into a reality.


  • Client came to us with little to no assets for the business.
  • Branding and marketing were going to be difficult in a saturated market.
  • Initial requests for the "Build-A-Kit" functionality had some development hurdles.


  • Despite the lack of assets starting out, we were able to drill down the client's vision and create a full suite of marketing collateral.
  • After researching the industry we were able to develop a unique brand that stood out from the competition while still resonating with their target market.
  • Our development team was able to work with the client to map out and execute their vision while staying within the scope of the project.

Custom Shopify Theme

Logo Design

Email Marketing Design & Strategy

Social Media Marketing

Custom Development

Learn more about SKU Agency.


Learn more about SKU Agency.