Personalization Pop was an idea that was spawned from the difficulties involved in sourcing personalized products. The client had a vision of making personalized product sourcing and selling as easy and automated as possible for Shopify store owners. Keeping that vision in mind we built a public Shopify app that gave store owners access to thousands of personalized product that can be instantly added to their online store.

Automation was built into all levels of the app allowing store owners to instantly send orders to the app, in turn, the app would push orders to suppliers and once the order had shipped tracking details were instantly pushed to the retailers leaving retailers with nothing to do expect market their stores.


  • The app had to adhere to Shopify's strict install, uninstall and overall setup requirements as well as instantly assign a subscription level to the store owners account.
  • Store owners had to be able to add products from Personalization Pop's catalog to their site instantly along with images and descriptions.
  • Variants and the ability to capture personalization text on a product had to easily fit seamlessly into every Shopify theme.
  • The app had to be able to pull store order data instantly and then process that order with various suppliers that were part of the program.
  • Once an order was captured through Shopify's API a transaction based email had to trigger to the store owner acknowledging receipt of the order.
  • The ability to pass tracking information from the product suppliers to the storeowners Shopify account had to be automated.


  • We took a very detailed approach to understanding all the nuances of building and launching an app within Shopify's ecosystem, including working closely with Shopify's app team to ensure we were in compliance throughout the process.
  • Tapping into Shopify's product API, we created a seamless system that allowed store owners to add products from the massive catalog of items with one click.
  • To handle the issue of allowing store owners to capture personalization without affecting each stores theme we housed all variant selection and personalization capturing within a modal that triggers once the add to cart is selected.
  • Once again tapping into Shopify's API we set up a regular sync to pull all order data and transmit it from the store to the app and ultimately to the supplier.
  • Using MailChimp's Mandrill transaction based email system, we created a direct API connection between Shopify, Mandril and the app to instantly fire off a transaction based email each time an order was successfully received.
  • The last leg of the e-commerce journey is complete once the order has shipped. Since Personalization Pop was working with 3rd party suppliers we had to set up a system that allowed vendors to upload tracking numbers and then the app would parse the tracking data and push them each store.

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