GroomStand.com, launched in 2003, was one of the original online groomsmen gift retailers. While the site had a strong customer base it needed a complete design refresh. Additionally, the main feature of the site, product personalization, needed a massive technology upgrade. Lastly, the client was looking for a fresh and new approach to its existing paid advertising strategy.


  • The client's branded needed to be refreshed to address a younger market while staying true to some of its original elements.
  • The client's site design also needed to also a younger market while working around some of its existing navigation and site flow.
  • The client's product personalization system was outdated and the technology had to address a different buying process.
  • The client's paid performance advertising campaigns had barely been breaking even and needed to complete overhaul.


  • We were able to design a fresh new logo that incorporated elements of the client's original brand.
  • Following the update to the client's logo and branding we were able to carry many of those elements into the client's overall website design.
  • We took a 360-degree view of how the client's customer purchased personalized products and created a system in which customers can engrave multiples of the same item directly on the product detail page.
  • Using years of paid advertising data on Google Adwords/PLAs and Bing Ads/Shopping we were able to completely overhaul all of the client's campaigns and within 3-months return the client's ROAS (return on ad spend) to profitability.

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Learn more about SKU Agency.