AbsoluteXtracts (ABX) is a highly respected and established recreational cannabis brand. As part of the Cannacraft brand family, ABX was looking to expand their brand reach and satisfy their customer requests by incorporating e-commerce into their business model.


  • Client was new to e-commerce.
  • There were minimal e-commerce marketing assets to start out with.
  • There were potential, unknown legal hurdles with launching an e-commerce store in the cannabis industry.
  • The client's ability to accept digital & online payments was unknown.


  • As with all of our clients, we were able to provide detailed information, strategies and recommendations on how to operate and successfully run an e-commerce store.
  • Most of the client's marketing assets were geared toward their main product offering but we were able to work with them on producing amazing product photography.
  • After reaching out to our partners at Shopify in addition to a handful of legal partners in the cannabis space, we were able identify and implement the correct launch strategy.
  • Banking in the cannabis industry has always proven difficult. We were able to strategize on a viable workaround that allowed the client to accept online payments through their Shopify store.

Learn more about SKU Agency.


Learn more about SKU Agency.