Top 5 Core Shopify Apps for New Merchants

4 min readLast updated: April 24, 2018

New to Shopify? Welcome to the powerhouse! You’re now using one of the most diversified and effective platforms for e-commerce available today. Using it to its fullest potential, on that note, can be easier said than done for the unfamiliar. No worries, though. As seasoned Shopify users, we know the best tools for getting the most out of your new Shopify store. We know you’re probably on a shoestring budget, so we’ve kept the price point pretty low. Learn all about the Shopify apps below.


Before we delve into anything else, we need to talk about one of the best ways to increase traffic to your storefront: word of mouth and reviews. Any small business owner knows how challenging it is to get that ever-elusive customer content, and Yotpo helps with that. It’s a fantastic management and curation tool that encourages customers to generate content through a number of different channels (email, social, review sites, etc.) and collects them for you to use to generate more traffic. Neat! You can also take advantage of Yotpo’s expanded growth options with coupons, rich snippets, product recommendations, and more. The core app is free, with additional options available for a fee.

Product Reviews Add-On

We’re going to push these review apps quite a bit, so buckle in. They really are that important! Product Reviews is another (free!) app that offers great features to encourage customers to leave reviews. They offer a few exclusive features, like Checkout Reviews and Video Reviews, which are awesome additional methods of getting great customer-generated content. The most powerful visual social media giant, Instagram, is included, too. Any of this content can be collected and used to drive new sales to your storefront.


Using review content will get people to your site, but how do you go about email collection once they’re there? You use an app like Privy. By utilizing a number of cool features like coupons or “spin to win” games, Privy uses exit pop-ups to get potential customers to pause and take one more look at your site before they leave. It’s super customizable and mobile-friendly, allowing you to determine how and when users receive a pop-up for the best results. You can focus on number of visits, cart abandonment, referral site, and tons more. This is a high-conversion application that integrates well with most, if not all, email marketing platforms.


Now that you have an email list to use, you need some help with email and SMS automation. No problem! All you need is Omnisend. If composing snappy marketing emails isn’t your strong suit, you can use one of their many effective templates to get the job done. Manage your welcome emails, newsletters, campaign boosts, cart recovery reminders and more all from the same convenient app. It maintains lists, segmentation, and website tracking so you don’t have to. Make your life easier and install this app. Omnisend offers you a 14-day free trial of their Premium program, which requires a monthly fee, or you can choose to switch to their free base program.

Product Upsell

You’ve got the reviews, you’ve got the email list, you’ve got email segmentation marketing on lock… what else could you want? More sales, of course! This app manages your cross-marketing and upsells for you. You get to select relevant add-on items, bundles, or related products to show customers when they add a product to their cart, checkout, or even after a sale. If you’re not sure which products will lead to the best conversions, let the app do the work for you – it crunches the data from your Shopify store to figure out which products upsell best. If Amazon can make 35% of their revenue off of upsells and cross-sells, so can you! Plans for this app start at $9.99 a month for smaller e-shops (200 views) and can go up to $89.99/month for unlimited views.

These are our top five recommendations for new Shopify users, but there’s tons more on offer. If you have questions or need some additional guidance on how to take your e-commerce business to the next level, hit us up.

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