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What is Email Automation & Segmentation?

Rather than spending your precious time composing emails on the fly and sending them to the right mailing list manually, automation can be set up one time and maintained as needed to ensure every new and existing customer receives regular marketing and updates. Segmentation dials it down even further, breaking your audience and mailing lists into specific niches like new customers, customers who added items to their cart but didn’t check out, customers who made a purchase weeks ago and are likely due for a refill, and much more. Every category receives unique and relevant content that speaks to their needs directly, which has proven vastly more effective than blanket email campaigns.

How will E-Commerce Email Marketing help my business?

Having an experienced e-commerce marketing agency on your side will only benefit you in this regard, offering you the skilled team you need backing your business and ensuring your email marketing is not only working effectively but is also delivering a reasonable number of conversions. Stay at the forefront of your customers’ minds even when they’re not directly perusing your online store. Utilize those email lists effectively and see powerful results!

Why Choose SKU Agency?

The SKU Agency team are certifiedKlaviyo Advisors. We’re not just saying that – we have 19 years of experience and the portfolio to back it up. Managing your email marketing automation and segmentation can be huge for your e-commerce site, which is why we make it one of our core focuses. There are only so many ways to maintain customer attention and draw them back after they’ve clicked away, so let us be your guide in making sure it happens.

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Learn more about SKU Agency.


Learn more about SKU Agency.