Beautiful sites from a trusted 5-star Shopify Partner. From web design to web development, our team of Shopify experts creates results-driven e-commerce solutions.

Shopify Design

It all starts with the design. Whether you’re ready to launch your first online storefront and need a Shopify theme customization or you’ve been an online retailer for years and are looking to take your e-commerce business to the next level with a custom Shopify design, the experienced team at SKU Agency is here to help. Working with an experienced e-commerce design and development agency will put you at the head of the pack. E-Commerce Design is a specialized web design skill that incorporates not only customization and development of a branded online storefront, but can also be applied to e-commerce apps and other complex projects.

Shopify Development

Once you’ve signed off on design our team of developers will get to work building your online store. This is where the magic happens, where we bring your design to life. Whether we are enhancing a Shopify theme or custom coding unique features for our online store, our team of developers brings a high-level of expertise to every project.

The project doesn’t end there. With our Shopify Support Packages, you will have peace of mind knowing our team is here to help you with site updates, small design, and development fixes, and of course general e-commerce/Shopify consultation.

Why choose SKU Agency?

Our agency offers you an experienced team of Shopify Experts with extensive knowledge about how to create an effective e-commerce experience for your customers. We’ve worked in a variety of retail industries, including the wedding industry, cannabis industry, wine, video games, fashion, and many more. Every vertical is unique, and we offer the flexibility and customization options necessary to reach your personalized customer base. Interested in seeing some of our past and current projects? You can view our portfolio here.

Shopify Experts

Shopify Plus

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Learn more about SKU Agency.