E-commerce SEO

The internet is a big place. Search engine optimization helps more potential customers find you. Raise in the ranks for your vertical and see increased traffic and sales.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization, more colloquially known as SEO, is a service with the goal of bringing in more website visitors and effectively raising a site’s overall search engine ranking.

It’s a multifaceted approach that can involve, but is not limited to:

Digital Marketing

Link Building

Competitive Analysis

Page Optimization

Ranking Factors

In e-commerce marketing, this service is further honed to specifically focus on bringing in consumers that are interested in making a purchase, rather than general traffic, and requires a unique approach when compared to SEO for other services.

Search engine optimization gives your e-commerce site a leg up in the digital world by ensuring you show up in online searches for your target market.

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SKU Agency’s Shopify SEO Approach

Any retailer who’s been online for any length of time can tell you that competition is fierce. It’s one thing to have a functional online storefront and another thing entirely to bring in active customers who are looking for your products. How do we help merchants resolve this issue?

Our team of Shopify SEO experts will first focus their attention on the foundational elements of your site, from keywords to metadata to site speed. From there, our team will create a long-term content marketing strategy geared to drive the most qualified buyer persona(s) to your Shopify store. From there we incorporate a comprehensive link building strategy geared to increase the authority of your online store. Through extensive analysis, content creation, and link building, you’ll not only see higher traffic to your site, you’ll also see higher sales numbers. Our Shopify SEO strategy specifically targets users who are deeper in the sales funnel to ensure your traffic isn’t just a number – it’s a conversion rate.

Why Choose SKU Agency?

With 20 years of experience in all things e-commerce, our agency offers the knowledge and tools you need to succeed in a crowded 
marketplace. We’ve already done the trial and error, as well as created successful e-commerce sites for clients in a variety of industries,
including wedding apparel and accessories, wine, cannabis, video games, fashion, and much more. We know what works. Trust us to bring the
consumers right to your digital door and see better returns.