Why You Need the Help of Shopify Experts (7 Valuable Reasons)

Building a successful Shopify store takes a lot of work. You must have great ideas, and you must understand how to make your business work on the Shopify platform. It’s a lot to ask from a single entrepreneur.

So how do these Shopify stores, both large and small, continue to enjoy immense ROI while scaling their businesses?

Most of these business owners have at least one thing in common:

They rely on the assistance of Shopify Experts.

Shopify experts are third-party agencies that provide store owners with a range of services to help them establish and build their stores.

These agencies are not just self-proclaimed pros — they themselves are named by Shopify as trusted experts due to years of experience working on its e-commerce platform.

We at SKU Agency are official Shopify Experts, so we know a thing or two about the value of such services.

Read on to learn the seven valuable ways in which Shopify Experts can help your e-commerce store thrive.

1. Easy Store Setup

Shopify setup is not an easy feat for the average businessperson. But, it’s essential to build an e-commerce store that is both functional and able to scale over time.

This is the first task most Shopify partners undertake.

Building Your Store

Shopify Experts will build your store from scratch or migrate your existing store from another platform to Shopify. A lot of work goes into migrating your store from another platform to Shopify. We can make it a seamless yet thorough operation.

They will take your pricing and business needs into consideration to develop a store that truly works for you. It is key that the experts you hire have a thorough understanding of not only the Shopify platform and its apps, but also your business and your customers.

In addition to creating product pages, we’ll also set up your store’s shopping carts, and accepted payment gateways. It’s truly a full-service operation that begins and ends with you, your brand, and your business needs.

You can be certain that once you find the Shopify partner agency that feels right for your business, the resulting product will be a beautiful and high-performing online store.

Design, Development, Deployment

SKU Agency has years of experience working with Shopify’s distinct API. We can offer you a Shopify development experience that only comes with our level of expertise.

Additionally, our app development technology produces designs that work harmoniously with the Shopify platform. This ensures your store consistently operates at the optimal level.

Learn more about our Shopify Design and Development services.

Attention Marketers

There is more that goes into setting up an e-commerce website than just the storefront itself. We can also guide you on digital marketing to get the word out about your Shopify site.

Be it via social media or email marketing, we can help you choose the most effective path to learn about and attract future customers.

But of course, it’s not just about attracting customers — e-commerce giants that thrive year after year do so by retaining customers. Your customers will add lifetime value to your business if they are pleased with the experience your store offers.

When you know everything about your customer base and how to reach them, you can use that information to make important business decisions. And making the best business decisions is what helps e-commerce stores to increase sales and grow.

2. Shopify Theme Customization

Your online store’s design should reflect your brand while creating the all-important customer experience. It needs to look great and build customer loyalty.

Shopify design partners understand this well. We’re development experts who take custom website design to the next level by considering several valuable factors.

At the most basic level, your Shopify website needs to have superb functionality on the backend and operate in a smooth, user-friendly way on the frontend.

With our custom development, your store design will:

  • Contain beautiful product images and clear pricing information
  • Include an impactful logo and memorable visual branding
  • Utilize shopper psychology, such as product placement, to drive conversions
  • Include calls-to-action that encourage your visitor to engage with your brand further and become a customer

Not thrilled with your store’s current web design?

We can design a store that is precisely what you envision.

Shopify developers like us not only create stores from scratch, but they can also redesign your existing e-commerce store to make it perform better.

3. Automating Repetitive Tasks on Shopify Plus

If you’re not yet a Shopify Plus subscriber, your Experts can help you upgrade. This program offers a bunch of automation features to help you save time.

What types of tasks can Shopify Plus automate?

Here are a few:

  • Inventory management
  • Adding and organizing new products
  • Security assessments and website maintenance
  • Sales events and marketing campaigns
  • Customer rewards programs
  • Post-purchase customer review requests

Investing in automation also allows you to save money on labor. With Shopify handling repetitive tasks for you, you won’t have to pay an employee to do them, which will help you scale your business.

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4. Processing Orders

It’s wonderful when your online store visitors click the “buy” button and complete an order. But your work is only half over at that point.

You have to consider all the interconnected resources and systems that bring the products to your customers’ doorsteps. This includes where your inventory is stored and how it’s managed, as well as how you choose to ship it (if you’re dropshipping or mailing products yourself).

This is another complex area where Shopify Experts can help. They’ll work with you to develop an order-processing system based on the size of your store and the products you sell.

For example:

Large-Scale Stores

We can guide you in creating large-scale operations that process massive amounts of orders daily.


If you operate a wholesale business, we can match you with resources that make large, repetitive, B2B sales successful.


We can help you set up international sales, spreading your brand message across the globe while maximizing profits, all without the headaches and confusion.

We at SKU Agency rely on our Shopify app partners and years of experience to implement the best order-processing systems in your stores. Once you have confidence in how your orders are processed, you can enjoy the other aspects of running your business.

5. Managing Products the Smart Way

Shopify Experts can design your store in such a way that adding and removing products doesn’t require you to code. This will save you a lot of time and potential annoyance.

We do this by integrating apps that require very little tinkering on your part.

What This Mean for Your Inventory

Tech-forward agencies like ours will set your individual preferences so that adding and removing products is a breeze. Again, if you are on the Shopify Plus platform or plan on migrating to it, we can tweak your store to automate such functions.

… And Your Customers?

You may have great products, but you have to figure out how to reach the customers who want them. Agencies like ours engage in market and SEO research to create product pages that increase sales.

We can also integrate apps that track customer shopping behaviors. This allows you to better understand your customer, improve your customer experience, and reward them with gift cards and other promotions for their loyalty to your brand.

6. Connect to Multiple Systems

Thanks to the myriad Shopify apps that can connect your store to numerous other platforms, it’s easier than ever to reach customers. This means higher ROI and the potential to scale your business faster.

Manage Inventory With Ease

If you have more than one Shopify store, it’s easy to sync inventory between stores. Whatever happens with your stock in one store will automatically be reflected in your other stores’ inventory. It happens all in real time!

You’ll keep better track of your inventory, and your customers won’t have to face the dreaded backorder letdown.

Be a Multichannel Maverick

We’ll set up multiple sales channels to increase your store’s visibility and reach even more customers.

Depending on your business and customer base, you may want to sell your products on Amazon, Etsy, or eBay. We can integrate your Shopify store with these websites so that you’re maximizing exposure and sales.

We can also recommend if you should sell your products on social media. Again, this depends on your business and customer base. If your business has a loyal social media following, it only makes sense to sell there.

Tools to Measure Your Digital and Content Marketing Prowess

Facebook has a service called Facebook Pixel, which collects data about who has taken action on your page.

This means that you can track how customers are interacting with your store. Are they clicking on ads? Who is buying your products? Are certain products selling better via social media?

It allows for higher conversion rate optimization, all while increasing brand awareness and helping you better understand customer behavior.

And then there’s Google Analytics. This handy marketing tool lets you measure the success of your ROI strategies. It tracks your store’s activity so you can learn what your customers are typing in search engines, what products are getting the most views, and so on.

We can help you understand and use all of your invaluable multisystem services and tools to ensure your store is always performing and scaling.

How Experts Make it all Happen

Getting your store working for you across multiple systems is complex, but Shopify experts like us at SKU Agency help to connect the dots.

We partner with trusted apps to make your store run smoothly on all systems. The best Shopify apps can help your business outperform your own expectations, and it’s our job to integrate these with your online store.

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7. 24/7 Support

One of the best reasons to work with Shopify Experts is that we offer on-demand support when you need it.

Our Shopify Priority Support program offers merchants priority-status in our support queue. It’s a faster and more cost-effective way to ensure any questions or issues your store faces are resolved.

With Shopify Experts on your teams, you’ll get peace of mind from knowing we can help you solve any problems that pop up.


Building a successful Shopify business doesn’t happen overnight. There are so many facets to consider, which is why hiring Shopify Experts to bring it all together makes perfect sense.

There are many valuable reasons to enlist the services of Shopify Experts, but more than anything, you’ll see increased ROI, enjoy fast scaling, and have trusted guidance and support.

When you hire an agency like SKU, you can be certain you are putting your trust in experts who have extensive Shopify experience and the e-commerce solutions your store needs.

Interested in working with one of the most reputable Shopify Expert agencies? Contact us today. Check out some of our work to see the level of expertise and dedication we can bring to your e-commerce business.

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