How Wineries Should Use Text Messaging To Grow Sales And Build Relationships


Text messaging is becoming an increasingly powerful way to reach customers and create meaningful relationships. For wineries, it can be a great tool to build engagement with customers, promote special offers and increase sales. In today's blog post, we'll discuss why text message marketing is essential for modern wineries and outline the key steps you should take to implement an effective strategy. From tailoring your messages to ensure they are relevant and timely, to learning how best to measure the progress of your campaigns – this post will provide you with all that you need in order to leverage texting for successful outcomes. So if you're a wine marketer looking for new ways to engage your customers, then keep reading!


Ramin Ramhormozi: [00:00:00] Hello everybody, and welcome to another episode of the E-Commerce Revolution Podcast, episode number 28. Yesterday was episode number 27. Rarely do we do back to back, uh, episodes, but, uh, we are here to talk about a similar topic that we had yesterday, at least, uh, the industry itself. Uh, and we are really excited.

This is gonna be a fun one today. We, this is, uh, we, we love this topic. We love, uh, this industry, and we love where things are going. So welcome to this, uh, uh, 28th episode of E-Commerce Revolution podcast. We're coming to you live on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and now Twitter. I guess I can take the now part out.

I think I've said that many, many times. We'll also make these replays available to you on [00:01:00] all three platforms shortly after our live episode is complete. Um, and then we will also push this out through, uh, YouTube. We will also make sure it's on our website. You'll just hear about it all the. Thanks for tuning in.

Uh, my name is Ramin. I'm one of the managing partners here at SKU Agency, and I'm your host today and every single time we do these podcasts. So before we get started, I just wanted to remind anybody who's joining us live that, uh, tomorrow we have a special webinar that we're doing in conjunction with Commerce seven on the power of email marketing automation for wineries.

It's tomorrow the December 7th, uh, at 10:00 AM Pacific Time, 12:00 PM Central Time, and 1:00 PM Eastern Time. So make sure you join us for that. If you are a winery and interested in learning more about how email marketing automation can help your business, this is definitely the webinar to join. All right, let's get this thing started.[00:02:00]

All right, guess what? We're talking wine again today. Uh, actually, specifically winery, but we're talking about technology today, technology, and this time it's focused on the world of text-based message messaging, specifically on how wineries should use text messaging to grow sales, manage club communications, and build stronger customer relationships.

I mean, really, isn't that what it's all about? At the end of the day, so many industries, including those in a hospitality space, are taking advantage of the power of text-based messaging. So why not wineries? I mean, it's a logical step, right? I mean, wine wineries are essentially hospitality businesses that happen to make and sell great wine, and aren't we lucky for that?

Our guest today is Jenny Gilbert, uh, who by the way, has become a fast friend to SKU agency, and we really appreciate. She has welcomed us into the industry and really been a friend and helped us navigate the waters. She's the founder of RedChirp, the [00:03:00] leading text messaging platform. Platform for wineries.

Red trips rise to prominence has happened very quickly, but Jenny and her team are no strangers to building and scaling great software businesses. So without any further ado, please welcome Jenny Gilbert to the E-Commerce Revolution podcast. Jenny, great to have you here today.

Jennie Gilbert: Hi, Ramin. Hello. Thank you so much for having me today of I'm delighted.

Ramin Ramhormozi: I love it. I love it. And you just got back from a wine industry show. Just tell us what that show was and and what's the vibe out there?

Jennie Gilbert: Yeah, so I just traveled back Friday of last week from the Win Expo, the Wine Industry Network Expo in Santa Rosa. Uh, it was on Thursday. It was a super rainy day, but that did not seem to damper Everyone's enthusiasm, nice.

It was awesome. We got to see dozens of our current customers. Talk to wineries that are interested in texting for the first time [00:04:00] and be part of a really fun panel about texting

Ramin Ramhormozi: as well. I love it. I love it. And, and Santa Rosa birthplace, by the way, of SKU agency. Um, awesome. Back five, six years ago and, uh, now we are in Austin, Texas, but, uh, we has a special place in our heart, Santa Rosa.

And the rain doesn't surprise me. This is a very rainy season. and always one where we were like, God, we need a little more sunshine. Where can we get a little more sunshine? So great that you went there and, uh, nice to hear that. Uh, there's a lot of enthusiasm in the winery space in the, in the wine industry right now.

And then we're gonna dive into the technology that RedChirp offers and, and really make. Everybody understands it. For those of who not u already using it, maybe they are, you've got a, as I said, you guys are growing very, very quickly, so thanks for making the time. Appreciate it. I know you've got, uh, you know, you have probably back to back to back calls today show doing demos of RedChirp and which that's what you did for us, and you gave us a really great demo.

And, uh, anybody out there when we get [00:05:00] to the end and, and, uh, Jenny gives that information on where you can learn more about, uh, RedChirp, take her up on the demo. It is, uh, she does a great job and it's very clear. You'll, you'll understand. So let's just jump into things. I mean, gimme a little bit of a background on what brought you, what, what eventually ended up becoming RedChirp, where you started, and then ultimately why the wine space, why, why focus on the wine space Very.

Jennie Gilbert: happy to, we'll take a little trip down memory lane here, . Yeah. Uh, so it's kind of a funny story because being in b2b SaaS was never the plan. Oh. So actually coming out of college, I was a board certified music therapist. Oh, wow. ? Yes.

Ramin Ramhormozi: Wow. I did not know that.

Jennie Gilbert: Side of things. Wow. Um, and I was a clinician for a little bit and I was getting ready to go back to work on my doctorate in physical therapy.

Mm-hmm. and my brother asked me for some help. Hmm. So my brother [00:06:00] Jim had a little B2B SaaS company. He was growing, this was early two thousands, and he was serving independently owned appliance retailers. Wow. I needed something to do and a break in between. He said, oh, you're probably gonna run out of things to do before your semester starts, but please help me.

And, uh, Ramin, I never ran out of things to do . Wow.

Ramin Ramhormozi: So you basically created more, you, you know, you, you found opportunity within, uh, this growing company and, and, and helped him out and I'm sure he's grateful for it. And now you're still connected with him, right? ?

Jennie Gilbert: That's right. So that was super fun. For several years we grew that company to about a hundred ish employees serving two 3000 retailers across North America.

Um, and then, you know, we took some investment, kind of got out of the day-to-day there. Mm-hmm. , and we were gonna rest. Our plan in 2020 was to take a.

Ramin Ramhormozi: Wow. A year starting March, first year . Oh, March. Hmm. I wonder what happened in [00:07:00] March of 2020. But go ahead, . Yeah,

Jennie Gilbert: there was nothing to do, so we just decided, hey, let's start from scratch.

Let's try to build another B2B SaaS company in a different space and see what we can do better this time around, you know, get to know some different industries. So we started working on RedChirp right away.

Ramin Ramhormozi: Wow. Wow. And then what led to the, I mean, was it always supposed to be for wineries or did that just happen by accident?

Did that happen after research? Mm-hmm. . How did that come about?

Jennie Gilbert: Yeah. I can't say that I was smart enough to realize it would be about winery. Not at all. Uh, we, you know, the covid just started. We thought all these businesses need better tools for communicating with all these changes. Yeah. So we did initially decide, let's do something with texting, but it was wide open about who we would serve.

Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . We did a whole bunch of kind of marketing experiments to see who is interested and trying wineries was [00:08:00] actually my husband's idea. Hmm. We both love wine, have belonged several wine clubs over the years. None of the wineries we regularly purchased from were texting us. And one day he came to me and said, someone just left me a seven minute voicemail, this winery that he liked.

Ramin Ramhormozi: Uhhuh, . Wow. Seven minutes on the phone. Like you have to actually listen to that. Right. You have to listen to the seven minutes.

Jennie Gilbert: Yeah. And for years, my husband's voicemail has said, you've reached Scott. Please text me.

Ramin Ramhormozi: Yes. I love that. I love that. Yes.

Jennie Gilbert: So, he was talking about how he loves this winery. He would buy more wine from them, but how annoying it was that they left him this long voicemail.

And so that was how we decided, let's try reaching out to some wineries and see if they're interested in texting.

Ramin Ramhormozi: Wow. Fascinating. I mean, you know, and, and we've heard this, that, uh, from a number of wineries that we, we've, uh, had conversations with that during the pandemic. It was a dial, you [00:09:00] know, call, call, call, call.

Mm-hmm. and the, and you know who, who list. I don't even, I don't even answer my phone. Jenny. I don't even care. Like, I don't care. Text me. I do. I I'm like, what? Your husband? I like, yes. Yeah. Leave a text message. You know, I will, I will text you back.

Jennie Gilbert: I can tell you from some of our research and personal experience, obviously everybody hates voicemail.

Every single age demographic. We've done some polls on LinkedIn. You get the funniest comments back from people about just how much they hate voicemail . And last week, the Wall Street Journal even published a whole article about how intrusive calling people is and how that has really changed almost be something that's rude and people only expect bad news when the phone rings.

Ramin Ramhormozi: Oh, that's interesting. Wow. , that's, that's, that's good. I mean, very, this is very interesting because, you know, we we're starting to hear, like on our side as we do, you know, sales outreach, that people are going back to making phone calls to do sales outreach. And [00:10:00] I'm not on board with that cuz I don't want a annoy anybody.

I, I don't feel like, first of all, who's gonna answer the phone when I, when I call, they're not gonna answer the phone. But, uh, that's very interesting that your husband had a great insight after that seven minute, uh, call. So did you test right away? Did you reach out to wineries immediately based on that information?

Jennie Gilbert: Yeah. Right away we said, okay, let's make our next marketing experiment wineries. And we, you know, reached out to a bunch. We were measuring like, okay, it's just cold outreach. How many people get back to us? And we immediately had some wineries really interested. And the feedback we got was, yeah, this has been on the back of our minds, it's something we wanna do.

We're maybe a little nervous about it because of the high compliance requirements in their industry. Right. And we started, let's see, I think we started serving our very first winery in May of 2021. Mm-hmm. . And it's just been awesome to get to meet these wineries. Wow. They're so enthusiastic about treating their members with [00:11:00] mm-hmm.

you know, all these kid gloves and this making this wonderful experience for them that it's, yeah. A pleasure to help them break through those barriers and reach.

Ramin Ramhormozi: Yeah. No, it's, and, and you know, we, we find this, that, you know, a lot of, um, you know, a lot of wineries are doing things, you know, legacy, I guess, you know, legacy marketing things that they've been told, this is how it's done.

So just keep doing it. But there are many, many that are ready to step out, right? They're ready to try something new. And when something like Redshift comes along, this probably, I can totally understand how it gets 'em excited. We, we feel it the same way with email marketing automation. Like, oh, you don't send out blasts anymore?

No. You can actually automate your messages. Tell me more. Tell me more. Uhhuh . So I, I love the, I love this industry for the fact that, uh, there's a lot of innovation that happens in it, and I'm, uh, great to hear that they, they've, they've embraced it very quickly. Cool. Maybe just walk our audience through the software a little bit.

Just give us, you know, an overview how the software works and how wineries are really [00:12:00] using it to, you know, for, for their, you know, in the best practices, I guess.

Jennie Gilbert: Sure. Uh, it's evolved quite a bit in this short period. Uh, we didn't know exactly how they were gonna wanna text, and all this feedback has led us to add tons of new features to meet their needs.

Um, today I would say that most of the wineries on our platform are using some combination of texting in five different ways. Hmm. So, uh, the first, which we anticipated at the beginning mm-hmm. was they're using it for kind of next generation web chat. Okay. So instead of in the browser web chat, it transitions to a text conversation.

Nice. Right. Um, in addition to that, it's become this new tool that their DTC teams have instead of just calling people and emailing people for regular back and forth, one-on-one customer service. Mm-hmm. , now they've folded in texting so they can do one-on-one customer service conversations that way.

Nice. . [00:13:00] Um, then in addition to the web chat and that one-on-one customer service mm-hmm. , the winery industry has really embraced our payment request feature.

Ramin Ramhormozi: Oh, wow. Okay.

Jennie Gilbert: That lets them securely collect credit card information by text, and it just saves these teams days, weeks of time that they were trying to get members to update carts.

Ramin Ramhormozi: Yeah, no, that's interesting. Obviously a big part of, uh, you know, a, you know, a, a club membership is keeping track of when that, uh, credit card expires, uh, making updates or somebody wants to change it. Um, how open are the customers, uh, I mean, wineries must be using it. Are they getting any pushback from customers like, oh, I don't know.

Is that safe? Should I do that? Mm. ,

Jennie Gilbert: that's an excellent question and it does come up quite a bit. Mm-hmm. But we get that question, and if I just got texted a payment link out of the blue, I wouldn't click on it either. Right. Sure. The, the way that these [00:14:00] wineries are using it though, they're having an entire conversation around it.

So one-on-one, human to human, they're reaching out, they're texting back and forth, they're giving them options. You know, Hey, I know we've had trouble reaching you. Should I just send you this link? And because of the context of it mm-hmm. and how much friction it reduces, it's been overwhelming how much it gets filled out and how trusted it is.

Wow. Just looking at the stats makes it very clear of all the payment requests that go out from renter. Mm-hmm. , 42% of them. Come back in less than 10 minutes. Oh, wow. And 98% of them come back in less than one day.

Ramin Ramhormozi: Wow. That's, that's remarkable. I mean, I mean, that is, that's a testament to, you know, the conversation process, I guess really at the end, not just like, here's a link.

You know, like, why are you sending this to me? How does this help me ? Um, so that's a third one. What's, uh, what, what are [00:15:00] the, what are the other two?

Jennie Gilbert: Oh, okay. So let's see. Web. One-on-one customer service. Mm-hmm. those payment requests. Right. Then you've got all kinds of applications for bulk messaging when you wanna text dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people at the same time, that's being used for informational messages, like last chance to make changes to your club before we send that out.

Uh, and also for all kinds of promotions. Okay.

Ramin Ramhormozi: Right. Nice.

Jennie Gilbert: Uh, and then you've got your fifth feature that a lot of wineries are really embracing, and I love the overlap that we can maybe work together with SKU Agency on. Mm-hmm. your automation, you know, there's all these techs. that have to go out all the time, right.

But slightly different times to different people. Right? So the automation section lets you set up texts for things like your wine has shipped, , make sure you're home to sign for it, right? Yeah. . Yeah. Or you know, we're so excited to see you for your reservation tomorrow. Please reply to confirm [00:16:00] and with the first name of each guest so we can be prepared to greet you or tying it in with all of your marketing messaging that you're doing by email.

Ramin Ramhormozi: That's great. Yeah. And we love automation and we see how much time it saves, uh, you know, wineries. And I just keep thinking back to that seven minute voicemail that your husband got . Look, if, if that had anything to do with your wine is on its way, he may never, he may never have even known that the wine was on its way and it could have sat outside, right?

Mm-hmm. , you're in Scottsdale, which we know gets a little hot , so. Mm-hmm. . Yeah.

Jennie Gilbert: Very interesting. I mean, it's a huge challenge for wineries. Yeah. That you kind of gloss over, or I think some wineries just kind of accept. as there's no way to make this better. Mm-hmm. , but that's not true. Yeah. Right. You're shipping expensive things,

Right. Very climate controlled in some cases are held for months, so people don't recall that you've been holding this for them all summer or all winter. Mm-hmm. it needs to be signed for, so someone has to be home. Yeah. [00:17:00] Each one of those return shipments because the stars don't align there is Right.

Expensive. Yeah. And damages the experience.

Ramin Ramhormozi: Yeah, you're right. I mean, these are all the, the, the, the deck, you know, it, it's stacked to go the wrong way and. If I know that it's on its way. And you're right, people, you know, consumers belong to, you know, they belong to a lot of different clubs, so they're not gonna remember a lot of times like, oh wait, when's that supposed to come again?

you know, wouldn't that, you know? Oh yeah. And, uh, and then they, you know, on average people don't check their email that often, uh, you know, as, as we would love them to. Uh, so getting that, uh, tech side in there. Now let's talk, let's just dive into the club side. I mean, we know that, you know, club, you know, wine clubs are incredibly important to wineries, you know, that membership mm-hmm.

And we know that churn is a huge problem. You know, I'm out or hold it up, like they're gonna make that phone call , like, they're probably gonna email in. Mm-hmm. , I'm done, I'm, I'm, you know, they look at the, the, at the end of the year, like, I belong to way too many [00:18:00] clubs. Let me start, you know, chopping this off.

How can RedChirp be beneficial and help a winery reduce that churn? Like, gimme some examples. Mm-hmm. of how they're using it.

Jennie Gilbert: Oh, of course. There's so many, uh, creative ways that we've seen the wineries use it. I mean, if you go back to basics mm-hmm. , a disengaged club member is an at-risk club member.

Mm-hmm. , right. Everybody's goal in your D T C team is to try to get their members as engaged with them as possible. Talking to them regularly, customizing the wines that they buy, uh, communicating, knowing them on a personal level. Mm-hmm. . Right. And one of the ways you can do that is simply by shifting the medium that you use.

Mm-hmm. You know, think about right now, take a minute and think about the people you love the most. Mm. , what did you do last to communicate with them?

Ramin Ramhormozi: Hmm. Uh, I mean, I spoke to my wife this morning. ? ? [00:19:00] Yeah. We had a con, well, she did text me yesterday. She texted me something yesterday. So, and she was in the house too, by the way.

I was in the house too. She was upstairs, downstairs. We were texting. So, yeah. Yeah. The,

Jennie Gilbert: the people we love the most, you know, if they're not close enough to yell across the room to Right. We are texting with them. Yeah, absolutely. We text our friends, we text our families. Mm-hmm. And increasingly we text with the businesses we care the most about.

Sure. Yeah. Right. Yeah. So just by shifting, instead of just emailing or calling and leaving voicemails that nobody gets by texting, you're kind of immediately signaling to your members. a higher level of intimacy. Nice.

Ramin Ramhormozi: Okay. Right.

Jennie Gilbert: And then it really facilitates much more effective human to human back and forth.

Mm-hmm. , you know, you're probably not gonna get a ton of people who write back to your email like, thanks , your wife's on the way. Thanks. People just see it and move on. Yeah. But people reply to texts. You [00:20:00] get, we see it every day. Hundreds of messages with people. Heart emojis. Thanks. Thumbs up. So excited.

Yeah. So these little outreaches actually become these priceless opportunities for mm-hmm. building that relationship and, you know, getting to know your members more personally. Yeah. At the upcoming, uh, direct to Consumer Wine Symposium, I'm going to be doing a session with, uh, some wonderful DTC professionals.

One of them is Libby. at Alre, she's in charge of the wine club there. And Ramine, she's like a rockstar when she walks into a wine club event or something. Everybody knows her. Oh wow. They're giving her hugs. They're coming up. My gosh. And asking and congratulating her on her new, um, advancement at work.

And it's all since she started texting with.

Ramin Ramhormozi: Oh, fantastic. I mean, yeah, may I, I, I totally get it. I mean, it's funny, I actually [00:21:00] text people sometimes when I wanna speak, you know, old friends, if I wanna speak to 'em on the phone, I'll text first. I'm like, Hey, are you available , because Exactly. You know, back to that intrusive, you know, I don't wanna intrude.

They, they may be eating dinner, you know, they're probably not gonna answer. So, yeah, texting is Emmy. We, we see it in other industries on the SMS side that. Doesn't happen in the world of email. Mm-hmm. rarely are the people replying. Uh, but when it comes to anything that's text-based, absolutely. Then it's very cool that they're seeing these, uh, you know, they're dropping in emojis to, you know, say thank you and, you know, all of these things.

And I, you know, ultimately at the end of the day, you know, the winery can help, you know, can help them reduce this churn that can become a, a huge problem in, in their business. And, and I need to meet Libby. That's like, I gotta, I, I gotta, I gotta, I gotta see this Amazing as you're walking into a room.

Jennie Gilbert: Yeah.

I have another, uh, example of that. So also on the panel is the wonderful Haley Rose from PE Uhmm. Uh, the very first bulk text message they sent with Red, [00:22:00] oh, maybe a weekend using RedChirp was to members. that had opted out of receiving their emails.

Ramin Ramhormozi: Oh, interesting. Right. Okay. What happened?

Jennie Gilbert: So this happens to us.

All right. It's kind of crazy. Yeah. You belong to this wine club, you spend hundreds of dollars with them. You get their wine, but you maybe purposely maybe not opted out of these emails. Right. They got this amazing response and the very first text they got back as soon as they sent it was someone texting, you know, best texts I got all day.

Oh, wow. .

Ramin Ramhormozi: Wow. . I love it. Yeah,

Jennie Gilbert: I love it. It so it's great. You know, it's not a replacement for email or phone calls, but it's a, you know, an amazingly effective thing to add on to really ratchet up that intimacy.

Ramin Ramhormozi: Yeah. No, that's wonderful and great, great to hear. Uh, I mean, you know, look, you know, anybody can go take a look at, uh, RedChirp site and we'll obviously put this in the show notes and you can see all the different features that are baked into RedChirp, which there are a lot of, I mean, just roll over the dropdown, you see them all.[00:23:00]

But I'm really interested in the chatbot side of things. We, yeah, we're very, uh, tuned into AI and how AI is really taking off to help solve. And, you know, you have that bot in there. Tell me how it's being utilized. You know, do you have plans to even, you know, expand the features that are available within the bot?

I mean, is it just gonna get smarter and smarter every single year where it ultimately does some of the work that, uh, a human being, uh, should be doing or was doing?

Jennie Gilbert: Oh, wouldn't that be nice? That's the dream, right? , right. So I'll preface this with, I might have a little bit of a controversial take on bots.

Hmm. Um, I think AI is super cool. Mm-hmm. , I think it's gonna become a much bigger part of our businesses and our personal lives as well. My personal opinion is that when it comes to, uh, chat or connecting with hot leads on your website, . I don't personally think that AI is ready yet. Okay. To take those [00:24:00] very valuable leads.

Mm-hmm. and convert them like you need to. So at Redshift, we focus a lot on what the technology can do to streamline things, make it easier and faster for your team. But we're always facilitating human to human conversations. Right. I love it. Even, even some of the automation, right? Like obviously a human is not typing, you know?

Sure. Congratulations, your wine has shipped. Right. , right, right. But it's set up so that if somebody writes back, you know, oh shoot, I forgot to tell you, then I moved. It's automatically reaching out to every person who's available at the winery that's assigned to that phone number so that they can personally respond and resolve the problem before it becomes a huge issue.

Okay. And similarly with Webchat, so you know, you wanna automate some things, right? Mm-hmm. , if somebody. Fills out webchat on, you know, ABC winery dot com's website at mm-hmm. 10:00 PM Right. You know, Hey, I'm [00:25:00] interested in, uh, coming to visit next week. Do you allow dogs to come? Mm-hmm. . Right. Okay. Probably no one's working at 10 o'clock right at night.

Right. The winery, Right. We want those to come in. Right. It's a good lead. And then we can automate things like, okay. Outside of those hours, if nobody's been able to answer in two minutes, some are automatically gonna text them to let them know we received it, the team's gone for the day. We'll be back 9:00 AM tomorrow and get back to you.

Here's some links that might be helpful, but we're still trying to preserve that to then go on to a human, to human convers.

Ramin Ramhormozi: Yeah. No, I, I, I love that, and I'm with you a hundred percent. I think, you know, AI is great for routing, you know, uh, getting, getting that information in front of the right person, but especially in a business like this, I mean, again, we've talked about it being, it's a hospitality business, you know?

Mm-hmm. , wine, the winery, uh, you know, human beings, you know, work in the hospitality, business human beings make the [00:26:00] experience better. So how is a bot gonna jump in there and start doing all this heavy lifting that a human being, But if the bot can at least take that information and put it in the hands of the right person at that winery.

Mm-hmm. . And, and I love that after hours thing because you know, in so many businesses you, you send an email and it goes, you know, after hours, you know it goes into this dead zone. Right. Nobody gets it. Nobody, you don't even know if they got it. I don't know. I'll guess I'll just check in the morning and see if somebody gets back to me.

But if I got an immediate text back, no saying thank you very much. It's outside of our hours. We're here to help you. The right person will have this in front of them in the morning. Mm-hmm. . And we'll get back to you. Uh, that is powerful. That is, that is a relationship builder right there. .

Jennie Gilbert: Yeah, absolutely.

I mean, our research has shown, first of all that in the winery space. Mm-hmm. , about 30% of incoming web chat leads mm-hmm. from the websites happen outside of traditional [00:27:00] DTC hours. Hmm. Interesting. So, I do come across a lot of wineries. I understand why mm-hmm. , but they kind of turn things off. Like they turn their traditional web chat off at night when they're not there.

Yeah. They don't wanna create a bad experience. I totally get that. The flip side of that is that they're missing out on a third of these leads. Yeah. If you tweak the process a little bit, you can create a positive experience. Sure. Yeah. Even when you're not available to reply right away. Yeah. because you're shifting out of the browser.

So it starts on the website. Mm-hmm. , you know, I want some help, please text me. But then it's shifting the text. So if you can't get back to them until tomorrow, cuz you don't work 24 7. Right, that's fine. All the pressure's off. You can text them 12 hours after they le left your website and still reach them.

Ramin Ramhormozi: Yeah. Okay. So, so the communication, uh, you know, I'm just, let's talk about the consumer. The consumer goes on and [00:28:00] let's, let's play the after hours, uh, concept here. Mm-hmm. , you know, they, they have a question about, you know, club or, you know, maybe, uh, you know, a tasting room event or something like that. Uh, and it's after hours.

But the, the, the winery itself, they can, if they want to, they don't have to be sitting in front of a computer to do this. Right. They. Pull up their phone. Correct. And they can, so mm-hmm. , you know, I, I get this, you know, I, I, I tend to be the other way. I, I want to answer people 24 7 if I could, you know?

Mm-hmm. and, uh, you know, yes, we need boundaries in life and yes, we need to have a life in and of itself. But the fact that I can pick up a phone and maybe answer a quick question, I love that. I love that, uh, that is available. Maybe that's an exception or maybe there's a team that's available to that.

Maybe there's one or two people who can, you know, who are part of that team that can go maybe a little later into the, into the evening answering some question.

Jennie Gilbert: Oh yeah. From many of our wineries have actually come to us and said, based on this incoming activity, we have a solid business case for expanding our [00:29:00] team.

Mm-hmm. so that there's more coverage a little bit later in the day or on the weekends for these. Interesting. And you know, if you're someone like, like me and like you, right? Mm-hmm. , I'll take a sales conversation just about any time that I can. , right? Yeah. Right. Yeah. So every RedChirp user, so each person using RedChirp, they get to set the hours they're available.

Oh, okay. I have mine. I'm pretty much available except when I'm gonna be sleeping. Mm-hmm. . And when you're available, red shirt's gonna text you if your attention is needed. Mm-hmm. an idle conversation, resumed a new conversation, started someone's requesting help with web chat and Great. I might not be at my desk mm-hmm.

but if I'm watching Planes, fire and Rescue for the 57th time with my three-year-old on the couch on the weekend, right. I could pull out my phone and using the renter app on my personal phone. Mm-hmm. , I can answer those. I can text with people without sharing my [00:30:00] personal phone number. Nice. Okay. That's great.

That's great for me. Maybe not

Ramin Ramhormozi: everyone. Yeah. Does your husband ever look over and go, oh, what, what have I created ? What is, what, what? Why did I put this idea out there? She's always on the phone answering questions. .

Jennie Gilbert: Well, I'm so lucky that, uh, Scott, my husband, uh, and my brother Jim, who we built first business with, they're, uh, also our co-founder.

So, oh,

Ramin Ramhormozi: we're all entrepreneurs together, entrepreneurs. Everybody's in it together. I love it. . That's fantastic. Um, so, so tell me, uh, let's talk about integrations because, you know, we live in a, we, you know, from a software side of things. We live in a world now where everything eventually is going to be integrated.

If it's not integrated, if you don't have native integrations, you're using Zapier maybe in your business to connect this to that. Yeah. And try to make everything efficient. Talk to me about Red rps, uh, key integrations right now, and then we'll just dive into one that I'm really curious about. I think you know which one that is, but, uh, yeah, , go ahead and just talk about those, those integrations.

How do you guys decide on the integrations?

Jennie Gilbert: Sure. So, uh, we are super [00:31:00] pro integration at RedChirp. Really early on we realized, you know, this is a powerful communication medium. You're gonna be end up having hundreds, thousands, hun tens of thousands of conversations. This has got to work nice and play nice with the other tools that you're using every day.

Right, right. So we just started listening, you know, what do wineries want red chirp to talk to? We had quite a few wineries using red chirp before it integrated with anything wine specific. And then we just started taking their request and, you know, pulling, putting those away. So in the point of sales space, uh, RedChirp integrates with Commerce seven Nice eCellar VIN Suite.

um, wine Direct. Mm-hmm. , uh, just connected at the Win Expo last week with Order Port. Apparently they are gonna be launching, uh, RedChirp integration in Q1 of next year as well. Fantastic. Yeah. On the [00:32:00] reservation side of things, we integrate with Talk, we integrate with eCellar and Commerce Sevens, reservation platforms as well.

Mm-hmm. , and then our newest integration. Path that we're taking is great. Let's tie this into your emails as well. Mm-hmm. , so RedChirp integrates with Commerce Sevens email platform, MailChimp, and Klaviyo as well.

Ramin Ramhormozi: Nice. Well, let's dive into Klaviyo and you obviously know why. Yeah. because we, we are fans of Klaviyo.

That is obviously what SKU agency does. Email marketing, we build our email automation on Klaviyo. Let's talk about the integration and how ultimately, you know, how are wineries that are using, already using, or maybe not even using, uh, Klaviyo, uh, but are considering it. How do they make those two, but they're already using retro.

How do they make those two work and, and, and what are the benefits?

Jennie Gilbert: Sure. Um, Klaviyo is super exciting and they do some really awesome things. Mm-hmm. , what I have mostly heard from our mutual customers is wineries that are [00:33:00] looking for more fine tooth control in those email journeys, in the flows. Really love Klaviyo's tools for creating those flows.

Yeah. Mm-hmm. . Um, and I get a lot of questions like, okay, we're thinking about this. How hard is it gonna be? This sounds pretty hard. How do we integrate Klaviyo and, and RedChirp? It's actually one of the simplest integrations that we have. Nice. . Yeah, it's, it's anti-climatic for sure. , uh, I was just talking to, um, Adam at Corsey Graves.

Mm-hmm. , we were on a panel together at that WIN Expo and he just made the switch to Klaviyo and he was getting up the energy to set up the integration and then he was like, oh, I just did it on my couch in like five minutes.

Ramin Ramhormozi: nice. I like it.

Jennie Gilbert: Yeah. So, uh, and you are a much more, uh, better Klaviyo expert than myself, but when you're building your flows in Klaviyo mm-hmm.

my understanding is you can have emails in your flows and you can have web hooks in your flows. Right. [00:34:00] Either one of those can become a trigger in RedChirp for a text message. Oh, okay. All right. So you build whatever you would like in Klaviyo. Mm-hmm. . And then maybe you get to a place in your flow and you say, okay, I wanna wait two days, and if they haven't done this, then I wanna send a text.

Okay. Awesome. Create your web hook in Klaviyo. Okay. Then you jump over to reder, create your automated text. It's a couple buttons. Write what you want the text to say. Mm-hmm. . And at the bottom it's gonna say, awesome. Copy and paste this URL into your web hook in Klaviyo, and copy and paste this little js o block into the web hook in Klaviyo

you copy and paste those two pieces of information and

Ramin Ramhormozi: that's it. Done. Nice. I love it. I love it. And that, that, that follow up is, you know, again, you know, we, we, we, we all say email's not dead, but again, it takes people longer to respond to email or even see email and that, you know, some, definitely there's elements of the wine, the winery side of the business that are important to deal with right here, right now, [00:35:00] quickly, like, you know, mm-hmm.

especially shipments, um, you know, payment information, uh, you know, getting all of those resolved. And that's where text-based, uh, is, is gonna. all the time. Uh, so that's great. Uh, that sounds like a very easy, I like the fact that he did it on his couch. I mean, that that speaks to . I mean, you showed us how, you, showed us how it was, and I, you know, we felt it was easy, but then we're, you know mm-hmm.

feel a little more tech, you know, a little more tech savvy. And, you know, we wonder, all right, well how do wineries, uh, but the fact that somebody has already told you they did it on their couch, . All right. Nice. Easy. Uhhuh. easy. I love it. I love it.

Jennie Gilbert: Yeah, absolutely. Actually, both of the wineries on the panel with me last week were new-ish Klaviyo users and red trip users.

They had both done the integration and they both kind of said the same thing, like, oh, it seemed like it was gonna be this big thing, and then it ended up being like the easiest part of the whole thing. connecting those two. Yeah. So, so do you, the sky is really the limit, and I'm excited about how SKU agency can help people come up with great ideas about how to use [00:36:00] those two mediums together to rat it up.

The effectiveness.

Ramin Ramhormozi: Yeah. I think, you know, and, and a lot of this is, you know, in the world being creative, right? Because yeah, there's some best practices, but all of this is very new, especially on the text side of things, uh, very new. Um, and you know, with something that's new, there are no rules necessarily.

I mean, yes, there are rules on the compliance side of things. On on tech, yeah, on me on messaging. But there are no rules on the creative. Like, all right, let's try something, let's try this. Uh, it's never been done, or We haven't heard of any other wineries doing this particular type of messaging. Let's see.

Yeah, let's fire it off and see what happens. And then we'll have a use case out of it. be able to tell, they'll call you and you know, Hey, look what we tried, Jenny. It, it was amazing. It worked. And then you've got something that you can pass along to other wineries that they can try it as well.

Jennie Gilbert: I am amazed at the creativity we've seen, um, not necessarily tied to an email campaign, but one of the most creative texts that I have seen so far in the winery, uh, industry [00:37:00] is, uh, I believe it was Paju, and they have a mystery box sale.

Super fun, right? Big discount, but you don't know exactly what you're gonna get. Ramin, right, I like that. And then every, every day they tell you one more wine. So every day you know a little bit more about what you're gonna get. Ah, nice. The more you know, the less the discount. Right. Oh, wow. Very creative.

And then on top of that, super creative. promotion to start with as a way to encourage more people to sign up for their text promotions. Mm-hmm. , they have this extra incentive that if you're a subscriber to their text promotions, you're gonna get one day advanced notice every day of what's in there. So you get to know a whole day sooner than everyone else before the discount becomes less.

If you're a tech subscriber, you know, what's that next wine they're reviewing? And I thought that was just so creative and they really got a lot of people interested in joining because [00:38:00] yeah, that's a value that I want. That's fun. I wanna know what it is. And then also think about, you know, you're out and about.

Maybe it's getting late in the day. Your kids are on your last nerves. , you're thinking about opening up some wine uhhuh, to get that text so immediate, right? Yeah. So easy to write back, like Yeah, send me that. Yeah, , I love it. Even you weren't maybe willing to go to your computer to purchase.

Ramin Ramhormozi: That's a great, that's a great promotion.

I love the, you know, uh, less, less of a discount, you know, as you know. So you wanna, you feel like you wanna act sooner, but then you're also like, oh, but urgency. What else is in there? What's in there? I wanna, should I wait one more day? You know, it's this great balancing app. I'm sure they're doing very well with that, uh, that promotion.

So talk to me about the plans and actually before we just jump, I do wanna ask a follow up question. I mentioned the word compliance and you know, we know in the world of, of texting, just, you know, outside of the wine space, you know, there's a lot. . Yeah. There are [00:39:00] a lot of compliance rule, you know, rules. Uh, I think, you know, all the governing bodies that are responsible for the world of Texas, they, they're trying to not let it let, what happened to email marketing in the, you know, late, I think, uh, two or, you know, maybe earlier two thousands it got outta hand, right?

Spam everywhere. Mm-hmm. . Um, what, what, what do people need to be worried about when it comes to the compliance side? Or do they need to be worried at all? I mean, is it, does RedChirp kind of handle it, take care of it for 'em? Mm-hmm. ,

Jennie Gilbert: that's, you know, probably the number one question that wineries come to me with is, you know, Hey, what do we need to know about compliance?

Right. They're just in a highly regulated industry. They're used to these compliance burdens with everything they do, being just a little bit more than everyone else. Mm-hmm. , right? Right. So just like shipping and everything else you're doing. Yes. There are some unique compliance burdens that wineries face when it comes to texting, and then there's compliance burdens all businesses take that have to comply with.

Right. [00:40:00] I usually, uh, tell people that there's really four things that you wanna think about when you are deciding what your risk tolerance is for compliance and where you wanna stand there. Okay. You know, the first is you want to, you know, get up to speed on the laws that surround this. Mm-hmm. , the main one being the T cpa.

Okay. Was written before texting even existed. So amazing. I'm, as I'm sure you can imagine, yeah. Not super specific, but it does apply, right? Yeah. Uh, the second thing you wanna think about are the guidelines, right? Mm-hmm. , so the carriers at and t mm-hmm. , T-Mobile, Verizon, they all have this, uh, organization they belong to called the C T I A and they publish guidelines.

This is how we want businesses messaging on our networks. Okay. They're not laws, but they're still important because we're all beholden on those carriers to deliver our messages to customers using their networks, right? Right. [00:41:00] Then you wanna think about and not forget your own customer's experience and what you want that to be like.

Just because you can text them doesn't necessarily mean that you want to, or that's the experience that you want to evoke for that particular thing. You wanna communicate. Right. And then the fourth, after you think about the law and the guidelines and your customer's experience are to make sure that you're up to speed on the unique compliance burdens in the alcohol space.

Mm-hmm. , like age gating and how you're going to register your brands and campaigns with the carriers. There's special things that have to get done if you're going to be texting about alcohol. Right. So just wanna make sure that you're working with a provider that's familiar with that. Mm-hmm. and can help guide you through it.

I like to tell people, Hey, it's not a stop sign. , but it's a little yield sign. Right. . Right. That's a great way of looking at it. Mm-hmm. , yeah. You can do it, it can be wildly effective. Mm-hmm. , you can do it in a safe way, uh, in a very low risk [00:42:00] way, but you want to just kind of make sure you're working with a partner that can help you with that.

Mm-hmm. and where it's allowed some of the super big generic texting platforms. just kind of flat out prohibit any texting about alcohol in their terms of service.

Ramin Ramhormozi: Right, right. Yes. We, we've run into some of those situations. Uh, so I mean, don't send a text message at 6:00 AM to your customer, you know, , that's not, that's not appropriate.

Right. That's not, uh, you know, just, you know, have a lot of, it's, you know, common sense, but mm-hmm. , I think that, uh, good to have those guidelines, good to have that yield sign, as you said, and being aware of it, but not, not afraid of it. Um, right. You know, that's the thing is I think a lot of people get afraid when they hear compliance, like, oh, uh, I need a lawyer.

I, I shouldn't do anything here. And that's not the way to think.

Jennie Gilbert: Yeah. And I mean, I have a great example too about not underestimating the customer's experience in that thought process as well. So at this panel I was [00:43:00] on last week, one of the questions we got at the end was, you know, Hey, how often can I text someone?

right? Can I text 'em? You know, what, what do you see? What's your best practices? Can I text them three times a week? You know, no more than once a month. And my advice back was to flip that question. Hmm. Instead of starting from how often can I send out a text? Mm-hmm. come from it. from the other side. Okay.

How often do I have something truly important and valuable to communicate with this group of customers? Right. Perfect. Right. May. And I guarantee that you don't have the same truly important and valuable thing to communicate to each customer. . Yeah,

Ramin Ramhormozi: of course not. Now, you might think you do, but you don't


Jennie Gilbert: Exactly. So, you know, maybe you're gonna send. , so marketing messages once a week. Mm-hmm. , but it's probably not always to the same customers. Right. Right. Yeah. Maybe the first week of November. It is to the people who've [00:44:00] purchased eight or more bottles of this vintage of Pinot mm-hmm. to let them know that, Hey, we're running low.

I've set some aside for you. Would you like me to ship those or may I release them? By the way, if I ship them this week, you'll have it in time for Thanksgiving. Mm-hmm. . And that wouldn't go to the folks who never buy

Ramin Ramhormozi: pinot from you. Right. Exactly. Very focused, focused messaging, if you will. Uh, you know, right person, right time, uh, concept.

Yeah. No, that's great. Think

Jennie Gilbert: about, you know, the, your customers have given you this gift of being able to reach them in their pocket where they are every day, whether they're eating dinner, playing with their kids at work, building their business, whatever they're doing, you're intruding in their lives with that text message.

Yeah. So, you know, do your best. And this is great for the winery space cuz they are hospitalitarian by nature, right? Mm-hmm. do your best to make sure that when you do that you're delivering something truly valuable to them. Sure, yeah. And when you do, that's [00:45:00] when you make these magical relationships with people where they love getting your texts, where they stay in your club longer than they would've when they tell all their friends that you've gotta text my friend Libby at Bri Kalu their club.

Amazing. That's when those relationships get made. I

Ramin Ramhormozi: love it. I love it. Uh, talk to me about the, uh, there are three plans plus an enterprise enterprise plan. How do I know, uh, as a winery, how do I know which plan to get on? I mean, you probably help advise on that, but what if I'm just looking at the website for the first time?

Where should I put myself? What should I look at in my own business to make that. Yeah.

Jennie Gilbert: So my first piece of advice would be, if you're thinking about Red Trip at all, schedule a demo with me. Mm-hmm. , because we do very personalized demos that will dial and they're very good dial in. Yes. Thank you. They'll dial in on what's important to you.

Mm-hmm. , and I promise it will be worth your time and not a bunch of fluff. That isn't helpful. Mm-hmm. , part of that could also be helping you decide which plan is right for you. Okay. Of course, you know, everyone likes to do their research first. Sure. [00:46:00] Um, just like your customers at your winery wanna know Yeah.

About how much does your wine cost, right. mm-hmm. . So we've tried to have these simple plans that demystifies so you know what you're getting into. Mm-hmm. , we have plans that start at $99 a month. Mm-hmm. , that's our solopreneur plan. So if it's one person that's texting, this is a great place to start. Got it.

Okay. That is going to include the one user. 500 regular s m s each month. Echoing over is fine. You just pay per additional message. Okay? Now, if you're going to have a bigger team that's texting or you're gonna send a lot more messages, then you might wanna look at one of our higher plans. So really you're thinking about how many people in my team are gonna text.

And how many messages do you think we're gonna send the standard plan? It's up to 10 users. The pro plans, up to 50 users. We can customize and make something for your unique situation. Okay. And something that's really important to us is that it's no risk. Mm-hmm. , you can try it out. [00:47:00] If it doesn't work, no problem.

You can cancel any time. Although nobody does that , thank goodness. Uh, and you can also change. So you might say, Hey, I'm gonna start with just two users. Mm-hmm. , I'm gonna do the Soor plan. I'm gonna pay 50 bucks a month to add a second user. And then this was awesome. We're selling so much wine, or members love it.

I'm gonna get a bunch of more people on my team texting and you can move up to the standard. You can do that anything anytime. And it's all prorated to. That's

Ramin Ramhormozi: great. Uh, very, very easy, easy to understand. But I, I definitely encourage anybody who's listening get that demo because not only will it help you figure out the pricing side and where you should be, but you're gonna learn a lot.

And, you know, you're, this is a newer area. This is definitely something that, uh, you know, is newer for wineries and to take advantage of it, you gotta know how it works. And that's, you know, a demo will go and, and say it again. You're very good at the demos. very good. I, we, we learned, we learned, we learned a lot, uh, when we did [00:48:00] the demo and we came in as if we owned our own winery.

I wanted to be that mm-hmm. customer on the other end to really understand, you know, what it's like. Uh, this has been. awesome. I love, I mean, you have provided an incredible amount of, and you know, I love the way you answer the questions. The 1, 2, 3, 4, you're very succinct in, in everything , and I mean, so much so that I'm remembering where you left off.

I'm like, Hey, she got to three on that one. She's got two more to go to answer the rest of that. So this has been really good and I hope that, you know, wineries, you know, uh, start to embrace, uh, you know, more and more new technologies. Sounds like they're already doing it. Um, but you know, early days, right?

Early days mm-hmm. and lots of room for more wineries to get on board. We're starting to see it on the email marketing side, but what you're offering, you know, is a really good platform that will help them do something that they may not be doing. And then they don't have to call your husband and leave seven minute voicemail messages anymore.

And I won't bring that up again, but I'm just blown away by that, by that. [00:49:00] Very nice. Well, uh, Jenny, ready to get into some rapid fire questions to kind of, uh, get out of that. Uh, we'll get, we'll get out of the, this, the software world for a moment and get into life. Ready? Uh, okay. Alright. So what? Yes. Ready?

What gets you excited to wake up and tackle the day each and every day?

Jennie Gilbert: Okay. So I'm a super early riser. Nice. Uh, my husband's up around four. Wow. I'm up around five and my motivation is to get something done before our three-year-old gets

Ramin Ramhormozi: up. Wow. , what time do you go to bed? What time do you go to bed? If you guys are getting up that early, that's amazing.


Jennie Gilbert: oh, that's the other side. So about eight o'clock. We're really early to bed folks.

Ramin Ramhormozi: Oh, wow. Very nice. You go to bed at the same time. My kids go to bed. That's amazing. I love it. , you're part of that club. There's that four o'clock, that 4:00 AM and 5:00 AM club out there that uh, um, I have not joined yet.

I'm the six. Yeah, I'm the six 30 club . That's, that's, but like,

Jennie Gilbert: if I could get an hour or two of some quiet work in before little one gets up. Ugh. [00:50:00] The day is off to a great start.

Ramin Ramhormozi: Yeah, I'm with you. I'm with you. Um, so what's, when you get up that early, what's your drink of choice? Oh,

Jennie Gilbert: great question. I'm not a coffee drinker.

Oh, okay. I appreciate it. Occasionally, but Uhhuh not a everyday coffee drinker, so I just start with, uh, lots of ice water in the morning if I'm gonna be talking a lot, some, uh, unsweet tea like today. Yeah. But all the interesting beverages happen later in the day. I mean, .

Ramin Ramhormozi: Right? I like it. I like it. That's very, very interesting.

We have not had anybody come on and say ice water, uh, for the morning, but I can see the benefits of that and, uh, yeah. You know, it's there. It is very nice. And, and yes, you have to talk all day long. You want to preserve that, uh, those vocal chords. Um, yeah. I

Jennie Gilbert: love a glass of ice water and I like to wash my face with cold water in the morning, and it just wakes me up, gets face.

Ramin Ramhormozi: I, I've, I've heard, uh, I forget who it was talked about that they said, uh, yeah, that's wash your face. Like, get that cold water on your face. It will change your whole Jerry Seinfeld. That's what he does. I don't know. He was, [00:51:00] he was on a podcast talking about that one time. Um, the company, let's talk about that drink.

Uh, later on in, in the afternoon-ish, evening ish. Mm-hmm. , what's your, what's your favorite?

Jennie Gilbert: Oh, whatever bottle is open in front of me. No , uh, we love wine in our house. Um, have for many years, we're super nerdy about our wine Ramin Nice. So we love to go wine tasting. We have, I think we're on our second or third wine tasting notebook where we take notes.

Nice. Um, and then we love to, you know, collect and age things ourself. My husband went to culinary school, so we both had very different plans originally. Wow. And he's an amazing chef, uh, that he does just for fun now. So, oh my gosh. I love to see like what he's gonna come up with to go with wine. But let's see, lately, um, I feel like the older I get, the more I appreciate, appreciate Chardonnay, which I didn't feel like at all.

Mm-hmm. , but especially a chardonnay with a little bit of age on. I really [00:52:00] enjoy lately and getting to know more about those. And over the last few months, we're kind of discovering that we love Syrah, even though we didn't drink a lot of that before.

Ramin Ramhormozi: Interesting. Very nice. Very nice about you. I been, I've discovered, uh, a lot of, um, Italian and French wine.

I funny living in Sonoma County for so long. You, you didn't talk about wine from other parts of the world. Uh, and I was like, mm-hmm. . I just never, I wasn't really exposed to them that much until actually I came here to Austin where, you know, there, this is a, there was a wine region here and it's starting to grow.

Uh, and I happened to be in, in a store, um, a nice store. I called Central Market and they have wines from all over the world. So I just asked a guy take me on a. I don't know. I mean, please tell me what is like, I don't necessarily know if I have one specific. There is an Italian wine, I forget the name of it, but I'll post it in there if anybody can find it anywhere.

But it is mm-hmm. , and I'm very into clean wines, uh, you know, organic, uh, sustainable, and you get [00:53:00] that a lot with, uh, European. I know that's a big movement now in the United States as well. People are moving in that direction and, you know, that's good. It, you, you wanna balance it, right? Sometimes clean doesn't mean tastes good, , so you wanna be careful there,

But, uh, the, you know, these practices have been, you know, done for centuries in, in Europe. Uh, so I'm very into that. I'm tr I'm experimenting, I'm trying different things, uh, you know, out there. And sometimes a rose, by the way, I'm not afraid to say it. I like a, like a dry rose. I just even all day during the winter.

Yeah. Rose all day. There you go. . There

Jennie Gilbert: you go. I love that. That's one of the most amazing things about wine is that mm-hmm. , you're never gonna taste them all. They're never gonna be the same. If you find the wine you love, the best of all, there's only so much of it and it's not gonna be the same next year.

It's, that is true of why I love it so much.

Ramin Ramhormozi: That is true. I know. The 2019 vintage of this, uh, that, uh, um, this Italian wine, which I have to get the name, uh, is uh, you know, they're gonna be moving on. I think this is, they're wrapping up and I'm like, no, hold on a second. How many more [00:54:00] cases are left in the back?

I need all of them. Uh, cuz I stock it up. 2020 wine might not be, goes so good, uh, in there. So that's very cool. It's, it sounds like you guys, and hey, you happen to be working in a great industry then, uh, providing software in a fantastic industry that you love as. Oh,

Jennie Gilbert: a win-win. People are so lovely. They are on either side of this expo.

Last week we visited customers. It's, it's delightful all the way around, and I love the enthusiasm and just how much they genuinely care about their customers and their members.

Ramin Ramhormozi: Yeah, it's just awesome. I love those. I love those old stories, right? I mean, you know, a lot of wineries, um, uh, dry Creek, uh, vineyards, uh, we've got a friend over there and on the website, you know, I was taking a look and it's the history of the father and how they thought about, you know, wh where he came up with this idea and how he ended up in Napa and all of a sudden started what he did where I, in Sonoma mm-hmm.

in Dry Creek Valley and just, I love those stories. Those are, and they're at the end of the. , it's a far, it's an agricultural [00:55:00] business, right? It's, it's the earth. Mm-hmm. , you know, that's what makes them so, such nice people, I think, is just that they're mm-hmm. , they're around beautiful things all day long, . So yeah.

Jennie Gilbert: It's this wonderful intersection of, you know, agriculture, the, uh, science, the artistry, the culture of it. I, it's just the culture of it. Mm-hmm. , and it's just a great connection of

Ramin Ramhormozi: all this. Yeah. So, so tell me, uh, besides the job, uh, that you're doing now mm-hmm. , uh, if you weren't doing it, what would you be?

Jennie Gilbert: Ooh, that's a good question. Uh, we're just so nosed to the grindstone focused on growing. Uh, so when we take a break from working, my husband taught me to love vacation. Mm-hmm. . So we love going to the Caribbean. That's kind of our favorite place to go. And, uh, coming up, we're very excited to finally take this vacation that we planned for 2020 and have pushed back several years.

And next year we're gonna go to Turks and Kikos and take our little one for the first time. So that's gonna be a whole new adventure. Oh wow. To [00:56:00] go, uh, Out of the country with our son and yeah.

Ramin Ramhormozi: See what looks like. Well, couldn't pick a better place. I, I've never been, but it's, uh, every picture if you're gonna go there, you know, with kids, huh?

It's very relaxing. You know, it's not stressful , so what they

Jennie Gilbert: vacation with kids, you just watch them in another city. Something like that. But I think it's gonna

Ramin Ramhormozi: be really fun. So, so tell me, uh, you know, obviously being the software business, uh, what is your go-to software, SaaS software or app on your phone?

The one you can't live without? Ooh.

Jennie Gilbert: Okay. So work-wise, my absolute favorite tool that I've used for years, it gets better and better. It's not expensive. I don't go. A day without using it. Is this tool called Snag it Byt Smith?

Ramin Ramhormozi: Yes. Okay. Yeah. Uh,

Jennie Gilbert: super easy screen capture software and you can add, you know, bubbles and arrows and you can do short, super simple videos and in, you know, [00:57:00] troubleshooting and telling people what, uh, you know, how did you take these steps?

It has just been super valuable. So I, I can't go probably even half a day without using that tool. ,

Ramin Ramhormozi: I'm with you on that. We, I, I, I, I went back actually the other day and I looked in, in a one week span. I think I had like 50 screenshots of something with an arrow pointing here. An arrow pointing there. It is an unbelievable tool if you Yeah.

Yeah. Anybody not using screenshot, get on, get on board quick, you need

Jennie Gilbert: it. Yes. Yeah. I love that tool. I've used it for years and years and

Ramin Ramhormozi: years. And what about personally, what's, uh, what's your, what's your go-to app? Uh, personally? Ooh, outside of work, hold on, let

Jennie Gilbert: me open my phone and see. That's a good question.

Personally, um, probably, so probably the most use of my phone would be Netflix because of my little kid, kiddo or YouTube. She likes to say, um, you know, is there anything new on YouTube? I'm like,

Ramin Ramhormozi: yes, something new on YouTube. [00:58:00] Every second there's something new on YouTube. Yeah. Very nice.

Jennie Gilbert: And whenever, whenever we do have to travel, He likes to take little videos of, oh, there's a, oh, that's cool.

Airport. Or Here's a tour of a hotel room. I don't know why. He likes to see the mini fridges. And then we, uh, pop those up on YouTube and send links. Cause we get hours of entertainment later where he wants to go back and watch the Santa Rosa room tour video . I

Ramin Ramhormozi: love it. That's so cool. Very interesting.

Maybe something in there, you know, something to keep your eye on there.

Jennie Gilbert: Um, how about you though? I feel like I, I'm probably missing out on something fun I should

Ramin Ramhormozi: be using. Well, I'd say from a business standpoint, uh, slack is, uh, by far, uh, even more so than email, I think, uh, you know, and that's been a transition.

Uh, I mean, we, we use it religiously, you know, all day long. Um mm-hmm. , I find it to be an incredible tool. Gets better and better every year. Now they have all that, uh, Salesforce money, so I'm sure it'll just get mm-hmm. even better. . Um, on, on the personal side, it's, uh, uh, medium lately, [00:59:00] uh, medium, uh, app. Uh, I love reading the content on there.

I, I wonder sometimes how much of that content is now AI created , did a bot create that? Uh, that, but there's, you know, there's some specific people I follow. Um, yeah, and I learn a lot and it's, uh, it satisfies my entrepreneurial spirit because there are a lot of, you know, people on Medium who are, you know, entrepreneurs and are trying to, you know, talk that life.

So, you know, I think it's, uh, great. Uh, I love that. So tell me your favorite online store and why. Ooh,

Jennie Gilbert: good question. My favorite online store.

Ramin Ramhormozi: Ooh.

It could be Amazon .

Jennie Gilbert: No, that's, I don't tend to buy a ton through there. Um, favorite, that's a good question. Favorite online store? So, I'm a big fan of these, uh, shoes called Broy shoes. Oh, Hmm. They're made of like all recyclable [01:00:00] material, but the best thing is that you can throw them in the washing machine.

Oh, wow. Okay. And they're all flat. So I'm a huge fan of those. Uh, COVID completely killed heels for me. I used to dress up and go to the office and wear heels every day. And now I work from home and I feel just ridiculous clumping around my house in high heels, . So I pretty much exclusively wear flat shoes, and I love this brand.

Wow. Wish I could afford more of them. Cuz you can get them, you know, you don't have to worry at all. And you can just throw 'em in the washing machine and look,

Ramin Ramhormozi: look how fast, uh, Michael is. Uh, for anybody who's watching behind the scenes, he's, he's got it already up there, uh, showing, showing everybody.

That's awesome. All right. Yeah. Very interesting.

Jennie Gilbert: Men as well, they haven't handed to men's shoes and bags. I, you know, I've just tried some of the originals.

Ramin Ramhormozi: They look great. They look super comfortable. And you're right, yeah. Walking around your own house in heels, probably not the, not the Okay. Ruin your own floors.

You don't wanna do that , you just

Jennie Gilbert: feel silly. Yeah. And you're here, you're gonna get knocked over by a kid or a dog or,

Ramin Ramhormozi: [01:01:00] exactly. Exactly. Well, Jenny, this has been, An unbelievable conversation. I've thoroughly enjoyed it. I, I almost forgot we were doing a podcast. Um, we were just, I felt like we were just talking mm-hmm.

about, uh, life and about the winery space and about RedChirp, and just a really, really insightful conversation. And I hope that, um, you know, viewers out there, whether you listen to it live or you listen to it on the, on the rebroadcast, that you really go and give RedChirp a try. I mean, you know, it, it, it is about growing your business, but it's also about building relationships, especially in, in the winery space.

And that is what RedChirp allows you to do. I think, you know, if you boil it down to all things, it's all about building these relationships and talking to your customers, getting them in information they need when they need it. So, thank you very much for coming on. Uh, maybe take a moment and, uh, uh, let everybody know where they can find out about RedChirp and maybe where they can schedule a demo.

Jennie Gilbert: Yeah. So thank you so much for having me. Pleasure. Uh, such an expert at this. It was an absolute pleasure. Time flew by and I forgot I was even on [01:02:00] camera. So thank you for your, um, of course interviewing . Uh, yes, you're sitting there and you're interested in learning more about texting. Please go to

Red, like the color chirp, like the bird You can schedule a free demo. I promise it'll be worth your time. It will be hyper-specific to your needs. We'll go at your pace and even if you never end up trying RedChirp, you'll leave with something that'll be helpful to your future strategies, I

Ramin Ramhormozi: promise you.

Sure will. And, and great name. By the way, I love how you guys, you know, the, the name Wretch are very easy to remember. Thank

Jennie Gilbert: you. Yeah. No small feat

Ramin Ramhormozi: to come up with a name. Yes. Those are hard. Those are hard. Well, Jenny, thank you so much. I hope you have a fantastic rest of your week and, uh, you know, give those demos and sign more wineries and, uh, we look forward to working with you as well, and we really appreciate everything you've done for us and introducing us out there to the various, uh, folks in the wine industry that, uh, you know, we [01:03:00] need to know and learn and talk to.

So thank you again. ,

Jennie Gilbert: my pleasure. Have a wonderful

Ramin Ramhormozi: day. Yeah, absolutely. All right. That brings us to the end of another podcast. Really enjoyed this podcast. It really was truly like a conversation. And hopefully, uh, those of you listening, whether live again or are on the rebroadcast, you get, uh, you get something out of this and take away and definitely reach out to RedChirp.

Um, as always, if you need help with any of your email marketing automation strategy plans for your winery, uh, reach out to us. Go to and book a 15 minute complimentary call, and we will walk you through what we do and how we can do it and how we can help. And I've, if you're using RedChirp, how we can integrate, uh, Klaviyo with, uh, RedChirp and make that world work really well together.

So thank you very much everybody. Have a great rest of your week.


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