Start & Grow Your E-Commerce Empire at San Francisco Small Business Week

1 min readLast updated: April 24, 2018
Ramin, a Managing Partner at SKU Agency focused on growing your business through strategy, technology & design. Ramin loves to devour business books, podcasts, and blogs. In his spare time (which is minimal) he enjoys hanging out at home with his wife and three kids - and occasionally riding the Peleton.

SKU Agency at SF’s Small Business Week

San Francisco’s Small Business Week is coming up fast – May 15th, to be exact. This is an awesome week-long celebration of small businesses and the people who make them work. More than 80 speakers and facilitators are offering up presentations, workshops, and more designed to help business owners succeed. This year, SKU Agency is excited to take part with a presentation of our own.

Now more than ever, the internet makes it possible to reach a variety of audiences and find consumers who want your product. As our Managing Partner, Ramin Ramhormozi, likes to say, “The barrier to entry to starting your own business is the lowest it’s ever been in history with e-commerce and Shopify leading the charge.” In our 1.5 hour workshop, that’s exactly what we’ll be discussing. Learn everything from where to source product to how to succeed at digital marketing, with an emphasis on the powerful Shopify platform.

SKU Agency is headed by Ramin Ramhormozi and Michael Trang, both of whom have extensive backgrounds in e-commerce, graphic design, SEO, business development, and more. From them, you will learn how to take your product from concept to storefront. Also learn how to find your customers based on where they hang out in the digital world, what they are interested in, and what is important to them. Want to learn more? Join us on Tuesday, May 15th at 10:30 am at San Francisco’s Small Business Association on Market Street!

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